Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith aka the "Speed Scientist" is a longboarder from Seattle, Washington. He rides and helped create the Robot Special, which is his signature board. Spencer currently is a student and UW and longboarding and downhill racing as much as he can. 


Longboarding Switzerland

Spencer's Q&A

Birthday: June 1994 

Years riding: 8

Go-to Setup: Robot Special, 78a RAD Advantages,  43/43 Rogue trucks (de-wedge the back about -10 for faster stuff), Red Venoms all around

Sponsors: Rider Approved Designs, Venom, Rogue, Motion Boardshop, Timeship Racing 


Local Hood: Seattle

Favorite Skate Event: Almabtrieb, Britannia, or Ride The Giant

What Do I do when not skating: Being a college student, listening to music, building/tuning stuff in my shop, hiking/exploring, cooking, taking photos.


Spencer Smith Seattle Edit

Quote to live by: "Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once and a while you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

One thing to buy at a gas station: Reese’s and a banana


"Biggest thanks goes out to my number one supporters, my mom and dad. Without them there’s no way I could pursue my passion as closely as I have."

Spencer Smith and the Robot Special