Nick Di Vona

Nick DiVona has been a true asset to DB Longboards by representing the brand and helping develop our boards internally like the Stalker V2. Nick loves freeriding, mentoring groms, and pushing his local community. 

Nick's Setup

Nick's Q&A

Birthdate: 8/30/1992

Years riding: Started longboarding in 2010

Go-to-setup: DB Stalker V2, Atlas Trucks and a variety of Cloud Ride Wheels


Sponsors: DB Longboards, Cloud Ride Wheels, Atlas Trucks, Grit City Grindhouse, Duckpucks. 

Local Hood: University Place, Washington

Favorite Skate Event: The Maryhill freerides are always awesome. Whatever event has the most friends in the best. 

What you do when you aren't skating: I am a mobile app developer, so there is a lot of time spent behind a computer. I'm also a huge fan of a video game in The Groove (essentially a better Dance Dance Revolution). I also really like to draw, whether it is on a computer, or on paper/canvas.