How to become a sponsored rider for DB Longboards

Alright. Before we get into the “do’s and don’ts” of sponsorship requests and such, let’s cover what sponsorship is and what it’s all about.

Companies have one big point for sponsorship: advertising. It’s important to realize that as a sponsored rider you will become part of the face of the company you are riding for. When we hook one of our riders up with some gear, the idea is that the people around them are going to be influenced by them and go buy our products. These days the best way to do that is via the internet. The more videos, blog posts and social media posts you make, the more exposure the company will gain as a result of the sponsorship!

Still interested in being sponsored? Let’s cover the basics when trying to reach a company.

  • Don’t send a request via Facebook or Youtube. Look up the correct email address to contact and reach them that way. It’s simple more professional, and it makes sure that your message gets to the correct person in the company. If you can’t find the right email address, shoot them a message asking for the correct one.
  • Wear a helmet. While some companies don’t require riders to buckle up, most do. Wearing a helmet shows that your take this sport seriously, and that you understand the risks.
  • Spellcheck! Remember, you are asking to be the face of the company. If your writing is incoherent we have no reason to believe that you’ll represent us in a professional manner in the real world.
  • Take a look at your competition. Go look at videos that our current team riders are putting out. Watch videos that are from other companies too. You think you can create media at the same or better quality? How does your riding ability compare?
  • Look to local companies first. While it would be great to have a foreign sponsorship and have cool gear that nobody else around you has, local companies are going to be easier to communicate with and you will have more opportunities to work with them on projects and media.
  • Look at the size of the company. Usually a larger company will be able to give you more, while a smaller company is going to listen to your input more. It’s up to you to decide what you value most.
  • Build up a good Youtube or Vimeo channel. Having a good record of videos shows you can produce consistent media and shows your progression over time.
  • Don’t send the exact same generic email to multiple companies, it’s super easy to tell when you do and doesn’t show people that you are interested in their company.
  • Only contact companies whose product you have used before. It would be pretty silly to take sponsorship from a company who doesn’t have any gear that you enjoy riding. Getting a board for free isn’t going to make it perform any better than if you pay for it.
  • Explain what separates you from the pack and makes you a better choice than the 50 other people that sent in an email the same day. If you’re not sure, then wait and figure it out before clicking send.
  • Make sure to include your full name, hometown, age, and a link to your video channel. Any current or previous sponsors and if you have placed at any events, and what events you plan on attending in the near future. This is all information we need to learn more about you!

Now, just remember the easiest way to get sponsored is to just GO SKATE, and keep shredding until someone notices you. It’s the most rewarding and puts you in the best situation with your sponsor. You can spend your time sending emails, or you can spend your time skating. If you are still reading this, stop and go skate (and wear a helmet)!

Here's the starting point to become one of our team riders. 

  • Must be at least 16-years old
  • Must be longboarding for at least 2 years
  • Must have at least 3 high-resolution photos of you longboarding.
  • Must have at least one high-quality edit of you longboarding.
  • Must partake in your local longboarding community
  • Promote a positive lifestyle. 

If you meet the above criteria please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as posible. 

P.S. if you think sponsorship is going to change the way you skate or make you a better rider or make you push yourself harder…. you’re wrong. Skate for fun, not for any other reason!

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