Canadian Shipping Guide

Our Commitment to You

We know you want your gear fast and we’re dedicated to make that happen. Your happiness is our number one priority! If you have any questions on freight rates, shipping times, or your current order don’t hesitate to contact us.

Canadian Shipping Strategies

Shipping to Canada can get a little complicated with Brokerage Fees, GST, and Import Tariff’s. We’ve figured out the pro’s and con’s of each of our freight options so you can get your order as quickly or inexpensively as possible. Please read this guide in its entirety to understand your options when shipping to Canada.

What to Expect when You Receive Your Package

The goods you purchase from the United States are subject to three different types of fee’s that are variable based on the shipper, shipping class, type of good, and value of the shipment.

Brokerage Fee’s

Brokerage fee's are charged to the receiving party for import brokering goods from USA to CAN. UPS allows you to pay your brokerage and tariffs ahead of time. Call (1-800-742-5877) to pay early and eliminate the need for payment on delivery. Brokerage fee's vary greatly depending on the carrier and the order amount. Use the table below to be certain of the brokerage fee you will be charged by the freight carrier. 

Service Order Total Brokerage Fee Shipping Time
USPS Priority Mail International $0-$500 None 6 - 20 days
UPS Standard to Canada $0-$200 $10 3-5 days
UPS Standard to Canada $200-$350 $54.50 3-5 days
UPS Expedited to Canada $0-$200 $0.00 2 days
UPS Expedited to Canada $200-$1,250 $25.25 2 days


GST is a 5% federal sales tax payable upon receipt of your order in all provinces of Canada. HST is a variable value added tax that varies between 5% and 10% in many Canadian provinces. For example if your order was $100 to British Columbia you should expect to pay an additional $5 GST and $7 HST when receiving your package.


Most of the goods we ship are tariff free under NAFTA. Some are not, do not be surprised if you see a small tariff fee added onto your shipment.


When ordering from Canada you should expect to pay the following expenses:

Invoice Total: Paid on this website

Shipping Service: Paid on this website

Brokerage Fee: Paid to postman

GST Tax: Paid to postman

Applicable Tariff’s: Paid to postman

What Shipping Service to Choose?

Pro’s of Shipping UPS

You will get your order fast; UPS is faster and more reliable than USPS. They guarantee their freight times and have fewer lost shipments.

Cons of Shipping UPS

It’s more expensive. UPS charges a brokerage fee while USPS does not.

One More Note on UPS

Make sure to consider the lower brokerage fee for UPS expedited. Although the freight rate might be higher initially it may end up being cheaper (and faster) after paying the brokerage fee. UPS Expedited brokerages are lower than UPS Standard!

Pro’s of Shipping USPS

It’s cheap. You won’t pay a brokerage fee and their freight rates are very competitive! USPS is especially good for shipments over $200.

Con’s of Shipping USPS

USPS works with Canada post. This arrangement is cost efficient but can lead to a higher rate of lost packages, slower shipping times, and mishandling of tariff rates. Be aware that USPS frequently exceeds their advertised shipping times.