DB Longboards Hits PDX

DB Riders Spencer Smith, Adam Little, Michael Thorson and friend joined Emmet White in his home land of Portland OR on their 2Hip2Skate tour, but all they really did was skate...

Go Skateboard Day 2014

The DB team took serious advantage of Go Skateboard Day and went from sunrise to sunset and then beyond. Learn a lesson from these guys by getting off the internet and going skateboarding!

Seattle Sixty: 2 Gangsters 1 Way

Spencer Smith and Lluc Viladas stumbled across a one way downhill recently. Watch them blast gatts and bomb hills in their 60 second segment.

Seattle Sixty: Allergic To Fun

Adam little tends to have more fun skating than anyone else, but sometimes he just can't handle summer and he breaks out into hives and gets hosed down.

Thane Magazine: Spencer Smith Interview

Spencer tells us about the scene in Seattle, killing it in the IGSA junior class, recent adventures, his pro model on DB Longboards and the jar of peanut butter under Lincoln’s hat.

2013 Sullivan Longboard Challenge

The Sullivan Challenge, home of one of the most complicated race brackets, weirdest start lines and worst pavement is the second oldest running race to date.