The Bellingham Path Dash returned for its third year. If you are unfamiliar with the Path Dash, it is an awesomely dorky 1 v 1downhill longboarding path race.

GNARNIA 2018 Recap - OSU Longboarding Club

Stoked to help support another year of this awesome event! Gnarnia is the Longboard Club at The Ohio State University's annual Push Race and Slide Jam. Check out the recap video to see what went down!

Longboard Freestyle Jam - Leesburg, VA

We're stoked to be supporting the upcoming Freestyle Longboard Jam in Leesburg, VA at the Evergreen Sportsplex! On October 28th riders from all over will come to show off their best flatland.

Welcome to Seattle

Team rider Devon Klingenberg paid us a visit up in Seattle and got a little sendy on the Keystone 39.

Kiss N Tell Slide Jam

Good times at the Kiss n Tell Slide Jam with the Seattle crew out in full force!

Video courtesy of Morgan (@megzuki.on.wheels)

Easy Riders - Poland Longboard Movie

Stoked to share this awesome production from Leszek Brzozowski and the Easy Riders aka #szopateam. Easy Riders is 30 minutes long and features 10 adrenaline junkies from Szopa.

Bellingham Path Dash #2

Boardworks Tech Shop hosted the second Bellingham Path Dash, which delivered tons of fun filled head to head racing heats on a goofy technical local path.

Aerial Test

Watch Drean Whitner enjoy perfect pavement from an aerial view. Drone work courtesy of Max Mospanyuk.

Spring Skating with Devon Klingenberg

After a broken collarbone and an extremely cold winter, Devon Klingenberg decided to head to North Carolina for warmer weather and better runs... only to catch a hairline fracture in his hand.

Gnarathon 7

Gnarathon is on this weekend in Waco, TX! 7th annual downhill skateboarding race in Cameron Park!

Traveling the World on Board

Team rider Rosanne Steeneken has done her share of traveling to skate and put together some thoughts to help guide skaters who are new to the process!


In the scheme of things downhill skating is both a very new aspect of skating and also as long as skateboards have existed daring individuals have bombed hills. It’s important to recognize our roots.

Joey Exton in Santa Barbara

Team rider Joey Exton recently went to California to escape the cold and skate fun mountain roads. Joey filmed a quick run down a classic road and had a blast doing it.

Better Late Than Never

This is Grant. Grant won a free deck from us four years ago and just recently replied to our message asking him to redeem his prize.

2016 Holiday Shopping Guide

As a Thank You to our customers we're offering discounted shipping rates worldwide and free gift with purchase (orders over $150) all December long.

Patrick Lombardi - Black Line

Patrick L. Lombardi shreds faster than most and his ability to do it with style is a testament to his skills on a board. Watch this fast local run riddled with chunder pavement and cars.

Joey Exton Fall Mashup

Joey Exton found time to skate some runs between his classes and work life before any snowfall and a cold east coast winter. Here is a quick mashup of him skating his favorite northeastern runs.