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Our team rider Gianni Vermeylen was an instructor at the Woodwings Longboard camp in France. The camp offers classes for riders of all different skill levels and ages and is a great way to learn more about what you can do on a longboard and how to increase your skills on a skate. We were proud to sponsor the camp this year and you can learn more about it by reading our Q&A with Gia below.

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Q&A with Woodwings Instructor and DB Longboards Rider Gianni Vermeylen

Q. What takes place at the Woodwings Camp?

A. WoodWings Longboard Camps is a longboard camp for longboarder by longboarders. So our guests spend most of the time longboarding. They learn everything, from dance/freestyle, downhill to slopestyle! Even skilled longboarders were able to learn new things because we even had the best downhill longboarders in the world as guests. We met Aaron Hampshire, Bodhi Keen, Daina Banks, Garret Creamer and many more!

Q. What was your favorite part of the camp?

A. My favorite place of the camp was the parking lot of the ski station on top of Mount Margeriaz. This is the place where the freestyle and slopestyle lessons took place. When I arrived on that place for the first time I was astonished by the view. I didn’t even felt like skating anymore because all I could do was dream. But once I started skating I realized that the parking lot became my piece of heaven on Earth. I’d skate that place every day if I could! One night a week we went up there stargazing, the view was so amazing we could even taste the milky way!

Q. What did you do at the camp this year?

A. My job at woodwings was pretty much everything. Building the slopestyle, miniramp, DIY swimming pool and give longboard lessons. Next to that I had to entertain the guests as well. I even felt honored when Dominiek, the organizer, asked me to become head-responsible for at least one week. Yet everything kept feeling like ‘eat, sleep, skate’ because of our strong team. I would like to say special thanks to ‘magic hands’ Bas van Engelen for ensuring the ‘eat, sleep, skate’ feeling! I am a back patient and his sports-massages did wonders when having though times.

Q. What is the best way for people to get involved/attend that camp?

A. I got involved with WoodWings because I knew Dominiek from a camp in Belgium where I also attended as monitor. Most of the people of our team already knew Dominiek as well, even before WoodWings even exsisted. I guess getting involved with longboard camps in particular all started when I got my first Dyad V1!

Q. Where can people find info about next years Woodwings camp?

A. More information about WoodWings Longboard Camps can be found on the website Woodwingslc.com. Make sure you check out the Facebook page as well! (Facebook.com/WoodwingsLC/)

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