Vancouver Longboard Style Sessions

Vancouver, British Columbia is without a doubt one of the best cities in the world for longboarding. With it’s vast terrain of mountiain roads and ferried spots for days it’s no wonder why so many people make their way north every year. But not all longboarding is done down steep roads or at high speeds. 

Dancing and freestyle have been a popular form of skating for years and each Friday you can get down in style at the Vancouver Style Sessions. The Style Sessions go down each week around 6pm near Science World and have seen groups as big as 30 or as small as a few friends.

These sessions bring together seasoned freestylers and newcomers for a fun night of skating and a great way to start off the weekend. This past Friday we decided to check out the Style Sessions for ourselves and bring along the Dyad for everyone to try out.

We skated with a fun crew of about 20 until the sun set and you can rest assure we’ll be coming back again. We’d like to thank Brian Choi for inviting us out and looking forward to another great Friday night Style Session!

About the Dyad 


Deck Dimensions

DB Longboards Dyad V2 40 Specifications

The Dyad deck is a versatile double kick that is great for flat freestyle or free riding. It's 28.25"-29" platform is plenty stable and easy sliding.

Platform Specs

DB Longboards Dyad V2 Profile‚Äč

The Dyad V2 features a rockered platform that will keep you locked in while tucking and free riding. Mellow kick tails are great for flat ground tricks and kick turns. 

Concave Design

Dyad V2 Concave

The dyad has comfy continuous concave that flares near the mounts. This additional concave gives you that extra lock in you need for slides and a nice rise for your back foot while tucking. 


DB Longboards Dyad V2 Construction

The Dyad is constructed of a three ply poplar core. The core is surrounded by fiberglass to make a light weight, stiff, long lasting deck. The bottom of the Dyad features a high density plastic base with sublimated graphic. The slick base makes for a great sliding surface and a scratch free material for the boards artwork. 

Hand Crafted in the USA

This board is hand crafted in our factory just south of Seattle, WA. 

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