Summer longboard sessions with Spencer Smith

Summer is all about having fun and that is exactly what Spencer Smith did last week out in West Seattle.

We started the day off by looking for a downhill run with the Keystone Ridge and managed to find a pretty fun little spot. With Matt McDonald serving as a filmer and spotter Spencer mobbed through the residential streets putting the Ridge longboard to work.

After the downhill skateboard session Spencer jumped on the CoreFlex Compound Flex 2 and cruised down to the boardwalk carving the whole way. We found a nice little skim spot along Anchor Point and Spencer grabbed a DB Skimboard and hit the tideline for some fun.

Alki Beach is a super fun place to soak in the sun and push along the water and a great place to skimboard when the tide is out also.

You can checkout more information about the Keystone Ridge and Compound featuring our CoreFlex technology below. Now get off your computer and go skate!

Longboards featured in this video

Performance Longboards: The Keystone and Compound Series

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