Seattle streets on the Diamondback Longboard

The Diamondback is a great longboard for cruising city streets, seshing at the skate park, freeriding and even bombing hills. It's a great all around longboard that can handle nearly any situation you put it its way.

The 7-ply layup makes the Diamondback lighter and more nimble than other comparable boards, while still sporting the signature solidity of DB construction. The rocker and moderate concave make the foot platform as cozy as they come, allowing you to snake through your local streets with ease while staying stable at speed. The huge “rattle” tail is hard to miss and is balanced with a fully functional nose kick for those who like a little nollie with their ollie. Upturned wheel flares offer your wheels some room to work with and will guide your feet into a comfortable, intuitive stance. Looking for a city cruiser that will allow for a seamless transition into freeriding? The Diamondback’s your deck. 

Checkout this video by Kevin Carlton featuring Taylor Woodruff from the Grit City Grindhouse and the non-profit skateboarding association Alchemy Indoor. Taylor can skateboard and this edit shows the versatility of the Diamondback longboard.

Deck Dimensions

DB Longboards Diamond Back Deck Specifications

The Diamond Back is a functional single Kick. It's large kicktail and 21.75" wheel base / EFP is perfect for skating everything. Freeride it, take it to the skate park, ollie down some stairs, the Diamondback can do it all. 

Platform Specs

DB Longboards Diamondback Profile

The Diamondback features a rockered platform that feels great in a tuck and keeps you glued to the board when cornering. The big kicktail is complemented by a small blunted nose that keeps your foot on the board in ollies.

Concave Design

DB longboards Diamonback Concave

Continuous concave gives you a skateboard feel when doing street tricks and plenty of lock in when freeriding and sliding. 


DB Longboards Diamondback Construction

The Diamondback is constructed of 7 plies of 100% hardrock maple. This creates a durable deck with great stiffness and pop. 

Hand Crafted in the USA

This board is made with pride in our factory just south of Seattle, WA.

And don't forget you can customize your Diamondback longboard anyway you want. Feel free to build it out with some rasta themed grip tape, Ultralight 8mm Atlas Trucks and Cloud Ride Slides or throw on some Mini-Slides and some Atlas 40 degree baseplates. The longboard customizer options are damn near limitless (but not really). Head on over to our board builder and see what you can create.

Here's a custom setup one of our customers put together earlier this week:

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