Seattle Longboarder: Graham Tullett

Our media guy Matt McDonald was contacted to shoot some freelance-senior portraits and Matt likes money and buying L-series lenses, so he said yes. He was asked if he could also shoot some photos of their son skateboarding also. Matt thought it might be some pushing photos, maybe a no-comply or something. He was wrong because the subject of the senior portrait shoot was bombing hills and shredding. That being said Matt decided to flow Seattle longboard-grom, Graham Tullettt, a Keystone 39” and Penrose longboard. Graham has been skating and sending a ton of feedback ever sense.

"My favorite parts about the Keystone and Penrose are simple concave that locks you in and gives you comfort when going fast and the durability,” Graham said.

Keystone 39"

Learn More About the Keystone


He killed it at the Rain City Slide Jam on the Keystone 39”. Graham has been riding for over three years and his preferable setup is the Keystone 39”, Ronin Trucks and Cloud Ride Wheels. He regularly skates Highlands in Issaquah and around the Seattle area. We are stoked to see what Graham is going to come up with as one of the newest members of our flow team.

Penrose 36.5

Learn More About the Penrose 36.5

One of our favorite parts about Graham is how stoked he is on skateboarding. When we asked him what do you do when you aren’t skating his response was: “What do you mean not skating?”

Anyways, checkout the photos from Bill Kim and Matt McDonald below and be on the lookout for more. 

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