Pintail Longboards: Summer Cruising Season!

Don't get us wrong here we love going fast and sliding, but going for a push on a warm summer day is also heaps of fun. Longboarding is a great way to get out with your friends during the summer and push around and one of the best vehicles for that is a traditional pintail longboard.

Below you can see some of our pintail cruisers we offer at DB Longboards and don't forget that nearly all of these longboards are customizable in our longboard builder (CLICK HERE to check it out).

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Need help choosing the right longboard?

Choosing the right longboard or skateboard can be a confusing and difficult process. There are a wide variety of shapes, flexes, designs, and sizes to choose from. A good longboard should be customized to fit your riding style, weight, and desired characteristics. Checkout our guide on how to choose the right cruiser / carver longboard for you.


Where did pintail longboards come from?

Occasionally, someone will contact us asking about making a custom pintail longboard and will ask: where did longboard shapes come from? Our initial response is we make them in our factory, but then we realize the person wants an origin story of where it all started.

We have done a little (very little) bit of research and the roots of skateboarding and longboarding for that matter derive from surfers finding away to surf when there are now waves. We have also heard the shape and skateboard were first created in the 1950s in Hawaii as a way to cross-train for surfing. The term ‘sidewalk surfing’ exists for a reason.

From there skateboards were made in the backyard of surfers from pieces of wood with rollers from roller skates. As skateboarders progressed (watch the documentary Dogtown and the Z Boys), boards became shorter and wider for tricks. In the early 1970s, Richard Stevenson invented the kicktail which revolutionized the whole game. From there all kinds of shapes and sizes of skateboards started to appear and after time the pintail longboard found it's way to being one of the classic longboards enabling everyone to catch some concrete waves. If you are looking to learn more about longboarding make sure to checkout or checkout the book "The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding" by Michael Brooke the editor of Concrete Wave Magazine.

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