Our New 2016 Longboards Are Here!

We are stoked to release our 2016 longboard line up with some new shapes, new technology and revamped graphics. Browse through our new boards below!

The CoreFlex Compound

The Compound is a revolutionary composite deck featuring our new CoreFlex Technology construction. Designed for freestyle riding and fluid carving, the Compound utilizes a cambered bamboo core sandwiched between fiberglass and high density material to provide the perfect flex pattern. Shock-absorbing Urethane Blast Tips are laminated into the deck to protect the kicktails from significant impact damage. If you enjoy a flexible and responsive ride the CoreFlex Compound is not to be missed!

The Compound is available in three different flexes.

The Compound

The Contra 35.5 and 38.5

"Contra" is the root of opposition and contrast. A literal dichotomy of ideas. Our Contra Deck is a comfy blend of Tub and W concave, creating a versatile standing platform that is great for DH and Freeride. This longboard is available in a 35.5" version and a 38.5" version.

The Contra

The Paradigm 38 and 41

The Paradigm 41" is an awesome drop-through longboard designed for freeriding and downhill. This longboard has super comfy dropped pockets for locking in long slides and standies.

The Single Speed

The Single Speed is the multipurpose freestyle/dancer/freeeride longboard that you have been looking for. This board features a mellow shape with kicks to get you over any obstacle in your way. The artwork on the bottom of this longboard was created by Theo Elesworth with the Pacific Northwest in mind.

The Single Speed

The Lunch Tray

We have to new graphics for our classic Lunch Tray is the perfect board for both freeriding and downhill skateboarding. The board's unique symmetrical design features flared wheel wells that give the rider more wheel clearance than ever thought possible. The front and rear flares also provide perfect pockets (in front of and directly over the bolts) for locking in and great leverage points for both heelside and toeside slides. This board features 1" of continuous rocker and .69" of continuous concave. With your foot bumped up against the flares your feet will stick to this board like peanut butter on toast. Although the kicktails appear flat, the 1" rocker gives them additional leverage while maintaining a close relationship to the ground for "ollieability" with reverse kingpin trucks.

The Lunch Tray

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