That one time a BMW ran over a Keystone longboard

Ontario longboarder Garrett Walker hit us up letting us know his Keystone was ran over by a BMW in downtown Toronto.

"This Keystone was run over by a car, which was a BMW in downtown Toronto," Garrett said. "There is no damage except to my trucks, the board didn't even have a scratch after the impact."

Although we are sad to see some of Garrett's gear got destroyed it was great to see that the Keystone could handle the weight of the BMW and is still skate-able.

"The Keystone is easily the best board I've been on," Garrett said. "I am just really impressed with the quality you guys come out with."

Checkout a few photos of Garrett's Keystone below along with the Keystone 37", Keystone 39" and new Keystone Ridge.

The Keystones

Carbon X Technology

Carbon X Technology was developed to create light weight boards that are stiff in all directions. To do this we combine Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Stringers, Triaxial Fiberglass, and formed hardwood cores. To keep the laminate durable we reinforce the tips with Urethane Blast tips and seal the top and bottom sheet with HD Plastic sheet.

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