NW TRAIL SERIES: Sammamish Switchbacks

The NW Trail Series is here and Matt McDonald showed up to capture some photos at Sammamish Switchbacks. Team riders Spencer Smith and Michael Thorson were both in attendance along with Nick Thayer sporting a Keystone 39". Feel free to snag photos and you can view all the photos from the event on our photographers website by CLICKING HERE.

This year Bradley Cameron of Duck Pucks is putting on 6 races, one a month from December to May. This would not be possible without the support of Northwest's finest skateboard manufactures and retailers.

Sammamish Switchbacks is the slowest and also tighest turning race in the NWTS. Top speed is 15ish mph, and there are corners that turn to left, and to the right.

Things you should know:

-It's free

-You need to wear a helmet

-The race format will be a surprise

-We will do 1 practice run at 11am and start racing. If you want more practice runs, show up earlier.

Photos from Sammamish Switchbacks

What Was Spencer and Mike Riding?

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