Night longboard sessions with Spencer Smith

Team rider Spencer Smith has been hitting up longboard races like the Showdown at the Loops at Maryhill, the Whistler Longboard Festival and also plans on attending the Redbull Donner Downhill race in September.

When Spencer isn't racing on our Keystone Ridge you can find him skating around Seattle. He is a super busy guy with side projects and finishing up school at the University of Washington, but it does not stop him from skating even if it means going for a late night ride (see picture above).

The Keystone Ridge

Redbull Donner Downhill Race

On Sept. 10, 64 racers will compete side-by-side as they speed down the infamous Donner Pass. The competition will consist of eight racers per heat traveling at speeds upwards of 50mph down the treacherous 2.4 mile (3.8km) stretch of Old Highway 40. Four riders from each heat will advance to the next round, until the eight finalists battle it out to be crowned the Red Bull Donner Downhill victor.

Donner Pass is a mountain pass in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains above Donner Lake and just West of Truckee, Calif. As early as the 1840s, the pass was once home to the First Continental Railroad and the American push westward. But don’t let the beautiful views deceive you…danger lurks around every corner and it’ll take more than guts to navigate your way to the bottom. [LEARN MORE]

Watch the Ridge In Action

Learn more about the Keystone Ridge

Team rider Spencer Smith experimented with different Keystone shapes throughout the 2015 longboard season and he liked a nearly symmetrical version so much we decided to create a limited run of the board and are calling it the Keystone Ridge.

The Ridge is a progressive downhill and freeride longboard that will take your riding to the next level. Constructed with a Maple x Poplar core, triaxial fiberglass reinforcement, and carbon fiber stringers this board is speed stiff while remaining lightweight and nimble. Custom poured marbled urethane is sandwiched into the layup of the board at the tip and tail to provide unparalleled shock absorption, protecting the core in cases of hard impact and preventing potential delimitation. The graphic is fully sublimated and infused directly into the thermoplastic base for vibrant long lasting graphics.

Length: 35.375"

Width: 9.73"

Wheelbase: 26-27.5"

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