New 2017 Longboards Available!

We've got four new compact cruisers to add to our lineup this year. Starting things off with the Dagger and Vantage, two compact symmetrical freestyle cruisers that are at home in every environment. On the flip side the Galaxy and Seafarer have a fun directional shape that is awesome for fast playful carving. All these boards have mild flex that naturally absorbs road noise and keeps pushing enjoyable. Both shapes are available in either our 100% maple construction with hand stained top sheets or our maple bamboo hybrid construction with natural bamboo faces. 

2017 Cruisers

New Street Cruisers

Street cruisers are bringing back familiar shapes from Skateboarding and putting our own twist on them. The Hell or High Water and the Apollo perform in every situation from park skating to city cruising, drawing inspiration from old-school pool decks! The Aurora and Mandala, with their classic surf design and handy kicktail, are a versatile cruiser that are ready to rip. 

2017 Street Cruisers

Dance Floor

Our new Dancers are available in two sizes and two flexes. Perfect platforms for walking, dancing, or long flowing carves. Manufactured from bamboo, fiberglass, and waterproof high density plastic these boards are as durable as they are beautiful.