Migrate to Skate 2014

It’s cold and wet in the Pacific Northwest, which makes finding a slot to go on a longboard session just that much more difficult. The Western Washington University Longboard Club has decided to migrate to warmer weather to get their shred on.  Today they kicked off their Migrate to Skate 2014 tour that is taking them to the streets of Southern California in search of that perfect hill. 

The Migrate to Skate longboard tour features six riders from Seattle, three shredders from Vancouver, seven skateboarders from Bellingham and three longboarders from Portland, Oregon all packed into two vans.
We are proud top help sponsor the tour by hooking up the guys with the new Atlas Built-In Bearings for the trip. 
Although the final destination is still up in the air they have some ideas in mind and we look forward to seeing the media and hearing the stories. 
Some of the sponsors on the tour are:
Atlas Trucks 
White Rose
Black Dog Longboards