Massachusetts Robot Special longboard session

Massachusetts longboarder Thomas D'Anieri has always been a supporter of DB Longboards and he recently sent over some photos of him on the Robot Special captured by Brent Jacoby that we are stoked on. That being said we sent Thomas a few questions to accompany these photos. Enjoy!

Q. Where is your local hood?

A. My hometown is Wellesley, Massachusetts and I do most of my everyday skating here. It's a suburb about 20 minutes out from Boston, and about 40 from Harvard, MA, where the Central Mass Skate Festival is held. It's the east coast, so everything is short and steep, and while the spot right next to my house was ruined last fall by tar snakes, we still have a few good freeride spots within pushing distance.

Q. Where were the photos taken?

A. These photos were taken at our best freeride spot, which is an 18% grade hill with one short little turn that makes for some fun sliding. As a grom myself and my friends inherited it from now big name east coast skaters like Tom Leary, Norman Plante, and Eric Roth who have a number of videos filmed there.

Q.  What was your setup?

A. In these shots I'm skating my DB Robot Special with 43 degree Paris Trucks. The red wheels are 81a Phat Deanz Rag Dollz which I ended up killing in the first part of the session, so I put on the white 76a Boss Hawgs for the second half.

Q. What were you doing in the photos?

A. In the first few shots I was steaming into heelside checks where I was just taking off enough speed to make it around the corner at the bottom, but sliding far enough that I could finish off the wheels I was trying to core. The next few are some small backside checks I was throwing at the steepest part of the hill. The east coast had a brutal winter and I'm still getting back into the swing of things, so these were just quick checks to try to get my form right before I try to start holding them out, as for me they're much more difficult to keep controlled by the end of the slide when you start to lose speed. Finally, we headed over to the local middle school which just got a brand new entrance in the back, and it is perfect for skating. It's got nice low, metal benches with no grind blockers, and then this awesome stair set that slowly gets bigger as the landing area is on a slight downhill. I managed to early grab off the lowest section pretty easily, until I bricked myself trying the next highest section. It took about 15 minutes, but I came back to that higher section and ended up just clearing the last stair, while Brent came through with the photo.

Q. Who took the photos?

A. These photos were taken by a long time friend of mine, Brent Jacoby. He used my Nikon D600 with a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens, and I edited them using Adobe Lightroom 5. You can check out Brent's awesome work at

Q. What made this session unique?

A. This session was great because it was one of the first really warm days we'd had this year, and it really started to feel like the summer sessions that until this point had seemed a distant memory. It was also really nice to get to go out with a really talented photographer to shoot photos and videos who doesn't need any instruction, and actually creates his own shots and angles that I wouldn't have even thought of. This is much better than just asking whoever is there to hold your GoPro.

More about the Robot Special:

Deck Dimensions

DB Longboards Robot Special Deck Specs

Flush mounts, wheel wells, and variable wheel bases nicely accent this brick unconventional easy design. Long wheelbase and standing platform are perfect for fast DH and free riding for taller riders. 

Platform Specs

DB Longboards Robot Special Profile

The Robot Special features a dropped platform with mellow rocker. 

Concave Design

DB Longboards Robot Special Concave

Radial concave on one side, bacon on the other. 


The Robot Special is constructed of 9 plies of Hard Rock Maple. 

Hand Crafted in the USA

Hand Crafted at our factory just south of Seattle, WA. 


This board comes fully assembled with the following components:

Trucks - Atlas 48* RKP Black

Wheels - Cloudride Cruiser 69mm 79a

Bearings - Cloudride Abec 7

Bearing Spacers - Cloud Ride

Grip Tape - EZ Grip Coarse

Hardware - Black 1.25 Phillips

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