Longboard Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our Longboard Holiday Buying Guide. Choosing that perfect gift for your family and friends is important and we are here to help you pick the best gear the longboarder in your life.

We know getting the best value is important - we wanna help you get more this holiday season with some special deals. Use the calendar below to plan the best time to buy with us.

We have some great Gift with Purchase options this year (select your gift during checkout), some automatic discounts, and some shipping deals for folks out of the continental USA or just in a rush! Consider these our gift to you during the 2015 holiday season.

Mini Cruisers

DB Mini Cruiser Skateboards are built with versatility in mind. The perfect craft for every occasion, small and lightweight enough to stuff in a locker or backpack while still fully functional to skate at the park. Big soft wheels and traditional kingpin trucks make these your new go to skateboard for just about everything!

Perfect on any Road

Easy to ride and even easier to push. The bi-directional shape means you can push any way you want with no restrictions while the drop-through truck mounts keep you low to the earth and stable over any terrain. Itching for an adventure? These are one of the best ways to start one! Who are these boards right for? Beginners, commuters, casual riders.

Drop-Through Cruiser Longboards

Hard Carving Classics

The pintail longboard is the definition of the classic cruiser / carver. These boards have a reactive feel and are perfect for hard carving. Our Party Wave, Cascade and Waves longboards offer three different looks and construction types that would make any longboarder happy. Push to school, skate to the beach or even go down some fun hills. These longboards will help you start making lasting memories on the concrete in no time.

Pintail Longboards

Slide and Glide

Throw some squatters or toe-side checks with ease on any of these longboards and watch the thane lines fill up the streets behind you. The Lunch Tray is our most popular board to date and is a freeride machine. The Freeride DTX offers a great shape and extra stability being a drop-through board with composite construction, so it can take a beating. The Penrose is another classic freeride board at a great price.

Freeride Longboards

Go Fast, Get Gnarly

If you are looking to go fast these are a few of our longboards that would be perfect for you. The Keystone is a longboard that is stiff and durable. It's urethane tips help protect the board against hard impacts, so it lasts just that much longer. The Robot Special is a downhill beast created by team rider Spencer Smith who is one of the fastest longboards in the world. When he isn't on his Robot Special though you will find him on a Keystone. And don't forget these longboards are also great for freeriding.

Downhill Longboards

Ride Safe, Ride Smart

Number one rule of longboarding: STAY SAFE! Helmets are a must and pads also go a long ways in saving your knees, elbows and hips from bad falls. We offer Predator Helmets in multiple colors and G-Form knee pads, elbow pads and compression shorts.

Safety Gear

Fresh Threads for the Holidays

Hoodies for those cold longboard sessions and t-shirts to show everyone how much you love longboarding. We offer a wide variety of clothing from a few different brands. Snag some new threads to go with your new longboard. Here are our best sellers:

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