Longboard donation to YouthCare in Seattle

We recently donated longboards, wheels and trucks to YouthCare and the James W. Ray Orion Center in Seattle, Washington. These boards will go to kids in need and will provide them with a consturcitve activity along with a better source of transportation. 

"Sending a huge thanks to DB Longboards for this generous donation of so many awesome longboards! Our youth are THRILLED! And thanks to our wonderful volunteer Jarett for all your help!" said the YouthCare director.

Here's a few photos of our shop crew with Jarrett a volunteer for the YouthCare picking up the donated longboards, trucks and wheels.

More about YouthCare:

Founded in 1974, YouthCare was the first shelter for homeless youth in the Western United States and continues to be a leader in providing services to this vulnerable population. Beginning as a three-bed shelter for runaways, YouthCare has grown and expanded to become a community-based agency with six sites serving the greater Seattle area. 

Today, YouthCare’s services range from street outreach and residential housing to education and employment training.

More information at: youthcare.org

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