Cruising the Pacific Northwest on the Compound longboard

Our photographer and resident old man Matt McDonald longboards quite a bit even with his busy schedule running our websites and capturing media of our team and he absolutely loves the CoreFlex Compound Flex 3. When we were developing the CoreFlex Compound he took one of our prototype boards on vacation with him and pushed over 13 miles on the board carving through he Pacific Northwest along the Washington Coast and through the San Juan Islands.

"As lame as it sounds the flex of the Compound feels nice on my feet and as I get older my feet hate fact that I keep skateboarding," said Matt the oldest employee at DB Longboards. "I also really like knowing that if I lose my board the blast tips are there to keep the nose intact. Not going to lie I have lost so many boards from blowing a cross step or a slide where they would go down a hill, run into a curb and get real messed up. It's nice to have that extra protection on my board."

Another board Matt has been pushing for and cannot get enough of is our new dancer longboard that will also be in available in our CoreFlex tech with blast tips that we hope to release in the coming months in two different sizes.

Overall our CoreFlex technology really does make for one heck of a fun ride whether you are 13 or 34-years old. Make sure to checkout all the features below and grab one for your next vacation, adventure or campus cruising session.

Revolutionary Longboard Design

Our first deck to incorporate our CoreFlex Technology is the Compound, a revolutionary cambered composite freestyle deck available in 3 flexes.

We broke the mold when it came to designing the CoreFlex Compound. We carefully considered how to make a highly flexible board that was strong where needed, and durable at the same time. In order to do this we had to strategically distribute fiberglass reinforcement, skin the board in a durable HD plastic, and reinforce the tips with urethane bumpers. The bamboo core of the Compound is suspended in camber by tri-axial fiberglass – creating a springy and responsive ride that absorbs energy from the road surface (dampens bumps) while returning energy out of your turn. Uni-directional fiberglass is added to the nose and tail of the board to create a flex pattern conducive for freestyle tricks.

CoreFlex Features

Urethane Blast Tips

Blast Tip

Our blast tips deflect the energy from the core of the board into the top and bottom reinforcement. Our blast tips can handle most every day impacts without damage (drops on concrete, moderate speed impacts, etc.), major impacts deflect into the top and bottom fiberglass sheet – creating repairable damage instead of irreparable damage.

Coreflex Construction

Core Flex Construction

CoreFlex construction is water resistant, impact resistant, scratch resistant and has a flex like you never thought possible. These boards combine fiberglass, epoxy, HD plastic, bamboo, and urethane to create a perfect blend of performance and strength.

Compound Flex 2 Specs

Choosing the right flex in your longboard

Your board should be tuned to your size, weight, and personal preference. Use the chart below to determine the right flexibility for you. If your weight falls between two sizes pick the flexier option of your prefer a flexy ride, or step up to the stiffer option if you like your board a bit more firm.

Core Flex Weight Guide

Watch the Compound in action!

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