Longboarding Australia on the Keystone

We stumbled across some amazing photos by Jack Adams on Instagram featuring Daniel Furlong and the Keystone.

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Q&A with Jack and Daniel

Q. What camera gear did you use to capture these photos?

Jack: I got these shots with my Nikon D5500 with a combination of a 35mm prime lense and a 10-24mm wideangle in order to emphasize the scene where the photos were taken.

Q. What's your favorite part of capturing longboard photos?

Jack: I love being able to capture moments how I want them to be seen by the viewer and longboarding lets me do that. I can freeze motion, highlight movements, add action to the dullest of backgrounds and most importantly I can help express the feelings and thrills the rider is experiencing during the moment that I captured.

Q. Where can people find more of your photos?

Jack: The main place I share my photography is through my instagram @jadams_adventures. Here you can find a wide range of shots from wildlife, landscape, portraits, nature, urban, travel and of course plenty of skate photography!

Q. What were you riding in these photos?

Daniel: I was riding the good ol' keystone 37, Paris Savants and 80a Cloud Ride Ozones.

Q. What is your favorite part about the Keystone?

Daniel: The fact that it's an absolute tank! I've been thrashing and trashing mine for a fair while now and it can take an insane amount of abuse. Plus the kicktail makes it versatile as heck.

Q. What is the longboarding scene in Australia like?

Daniel: The Australian scene has been quiet the last year or two but it's definitely back on the rise again, with a lot of older riders starting to consistently produce media and traveling around on the world circuit. Plus there is a massive influx of newer riders who are insanely driven and passionate about all forms of skating, I see this first hand at work every day (twelve board store).

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