Ithaca Slide Jam

Team riders Jeremy Shoom and Andrew Flanagan made the trip from Ontario to New York for the Ithaca Slide Jam. We caught up with the two Canadian longboarders to see how the trip went.

We had the perfect plan to be on the road by 11:00AM and avoid all traffic. Somehow, being the skaters we are and running completely on skater time, we were on the road by 1:00PM. We got on the highway, got in the carpool lane, and set a cruise control for the next 4 hours of driving. Getting to the boarder, we didn’t have the friendliest officer. She unnecessarily interrogated us but sent us through after a few minutes. We continued on the highway for another couple hours then stopped for food. After another 200km of driving, we ended up in Ithaca NY. We decided to post up at a hotel for the night because it was raining so we didn’t wanna be outside camping in the cold. A couple dudes came over to our hotel to lurk for a bit, then we went over to the Comet Warehouse and hung out for the bowl jam.

It was a good couple hours of lurking. We got back to the hotel and passed out for the night. We woke up bright and early to get to the slide jam and get our registration in. We started skating around 10:00. The hill slowly started getting busier and more people were showing up. Around 12:00 the slide jam was in full effect. Hundreds of people were skating, the sun was shining, and everyone was having a great time. The whole slide jam was great. Getting to see tons of homies and meeting lots of cool dudes was rad. Longest slide got rowdy. Everyone was hucking the whole hill into massive slides and completely killing it.

The slide jam ended around 5:00. We went to go get some food then went to the skate park for a bit. After that, we dropped our stuff off at the camp site we were staying at and went to an after party. There was a back yard mini ramp which was the attraction of the night.

Sunday Morning we woke up really early because of how cold it was. We went to Denny’s then skated some a couple really fast runs. We stopped for food one last time and got on the road home. We had a cool border patrol officer who let us through a little easier than the first guy. Nevertheless, we made it home. I spilled out on my couch and was out for the night around 8:00.

What were they riding?

Q&A with the crew

Q. Who did you go to the contest with?

A. I got in the car with two of my best friends, Farough Mazreah and Andrew Flanagan. We strapped up and got on the highway for a continuous 5ish hours, of course with a stop for some fast food before driving another 200km.

Q. What were you riding?

A. I had my Keystone 39" with 43/43 Paris Savants and some Cloudride Slusheez. The Keystone was a really good board to have on that trip, the tail made it fun to kill some time in a parking lot as well as use the features on the hill at the slide jam. I had been riding my Paris for a good amount of time now so there’s been an extent to comfort on those trucks. The Slusheez were exactly what I wanted. They left a little bit of thane, which was fun, but they had a consistent slide and actually stayed round all day. It was super hot out and the whole day I was going into big slides without a single worry.

Q. Who put on the contest?

A. As always, Jason Salfi of Comet Skateboards held it down. The city of Ithaca was a great assistance as well. Lots of great dudes helped out. Big ups to Comet of course!

Q. How many attended?

A. Oh lord. A very large sum of people. I think it would be somewhere around 200-250 people.

Q. What was your favorite part about the slide jam?

A. Probably how many people were there and how hectic some runs got. Also, seeing all the homies. There’s no better feeling than getting fast and sketchy with some good dudes who skate fast with you.

Q. What’s the next event you are going to go?

A. Uhh, not too sure really. I’m really broke and working a fair bit. Hoping to get to Giants Head. If that doesn’t work out, Central Mass is also a good chance.

Thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to put this post together with us and be on the lookout for more posts, videos and photos from our longboard homies in Ontario!

Photos from Jonathan Nuss and Farough Mazraeh

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