Go Skate Tacoma 2016 photos and video

We were stoked to be volunteers and have our own booth and learn to longboard demo at Go Skate Tacoma Day 2016 by Alchemy Skateboarding. This post is packed with photos and video and features the boards at our demo. Scroll and enjoy!

About the event

Alchemy Skateboarding is a Tacoma nonprofit group that operates an indoor skate space in Tacoma (you may have seen photos on our blog before) and also works with area students to develop both life and skating skills and they have been putting on this event since 2011. Groms, pros and parents jumped on skateboards filled Tollefson Plaza in downtown Tacoma Saturday for the annual event. Even with rainy weather over 400 people showed up over the corse of the day! We were proud to be a sponsor, to have a booth and volunteer for the great local event.

Team rider Devon Dotson made the trip down from Seattle with our photographer Matt McDonald. Joe Heuring and Ian Hilger our sales reps were there teaching kids how to skate. Our board artist Zach Kiesz was ripping the whole day on the event on any board he could get his hands on and local groms Chase Geppert, Wyatt Knaus and Garrett Hayes showed up to skate and help with the demo also.

And then it rained and rained...

Right after we finished our demo and learn to longboard portion of the event it started to rain. And then it rained more. And then it rained even more. Then the streets flooded and some of the guys attempted to get barreled. Naturally we had to break out the skimboard to test it on on the flooded streets.

The rain stopped, so we skated more

After the rain stopped and the water levels receded we hit up the park and Devon and Zach tried to make the most out of the wet ramps.

All in all it was a super fun event and we were stoked to be a part of it.

If you are trying to learn how to Skate in the Tacoma, Washington area or pick up a new board make sure to swing through Alchemy Skateboarding / Grit City Grindhouse. Gotta support local events, shops and skaters to keep putting on rad events like Go Skate Tacoma. See you next year!

Even with the monsoon and flooded streets it was an amazing day. We introduced longboarding to some new riders, taught some groms some new moves and helped out our local non-profit.

A big thanks to Taylor and Bobby from Alchemy Skateboarding, SkateLite, all the volunteers and the city of Tacoma for making it all possible! See you next year!

Skateboards at the demo

Watch the recap video

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