DB Longboards Keystone session with Drean Whitner

What's up longboarders? Summer is in full swing and we had the opportunity to talk with DB Longboards and Cloud Ride Wheels flow team rider Drean Whitner who currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Checkout Drean's setup below, a Q&A we did with him and some rad photos by Tyler Lovell.

What was Drean riding?

Q&A with Drean

Q. What were you riding?

DB Keystone 39, Atlas trucks flipped and the Ozones 83a 70mm

Q. Where were you riding?

Back home in Birmingham, AL. A city known for its hills. That spot is definitely one of the better ones around. It sits right behind downtown, so you get a pretty fantastic view of the skyline on the way down.

Q. What did you think about the board, trucks and wheels you were using?

The whole set up is extremely intuitive.

The keystone, despite all of its geography, never feels obtrusive. There's lots of freedom and tons of support without compromising either. Plus a tail is always more fun.

I crave Ozones. the slide is lush and buttery literally right out of the box. The hookup is really clean and controllable, and the wheels perform consistently throughout their life. Not too much more you can ask for in a freeride wheel.

Q. Who captured the photos?

Tyler Howell, a fantastic bartender at my old work's sister restaurant. He shoots in his free time. it was actually his first time doing any sort of action shots. He put a lot of work into the shots, all the while teaching me a decent but about photography. It was a real pleasure working with him, definitely hope we do it again soon.

What are your plans for the rest of summer?

I'm in the midst of a move back towards the hills right now so my summer plans are kind of hectic. No doubt I'll be spending most of my free time in the mountains doing what I love most: skating and exploring with the homies. Love you guys. Shoutout to David Bubier especially.

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