DB Longboards Keystone 39 Seattle Session

Spring is here in the Pacific Northwest and so are dry streets for our longboarding pleasure. Minus the chunder of the Seattle streets it is a great place to go for a longboarding session if you know where to go. Recently DB Longboards team rider Spencer Smith ventured out with photographer Matt McDonald for a skate session through Seattle. 

Recently at the Spring Maryhill Freeride Spencer rode a mix of the Keystone 39" and the Robot Special. Both longboards have a distinct feel and flow to them.

In the meantime, heres’s a few photos of Spencer on a downhill run on the DB Longboards Keystone 39".  by Matt McDonald

After the downhill longboard session they ventured to another hill in the Seattle area for a little bit of freeriding and some toeside slides. 

Stay tuned for more specs and a teaser edit for the new Keystone 37" and 39" longboards next week! Here's a sneak peak at the Keystone's new urethane tips to get you stoked on the release of our newest longboard!

We plan on releasing more details on the Keystone next week, but checkout the details on the Robot Special and some thoughts on the longboard from Spencer Smith.

"I love both the Robot Special and the Keystone 39, but I do find myself riding the Keystone 39 quite a bit these days," Spencer said. "The Robot was designed with one main focus, comfort at high speeds. The way the asymmetrical concave grips your feet creating distinct reference points plus the large wheelbase and acute drops all come together to make a hands down shredding machine ready to rally any corner. The Keystone on the other hand, isn’t as specialized and allows the riders to harmoniously bridge the gap between hands up and hands down riding. Its modest styling, functional but not in your face features, and varying wheelbase options, create a platform that can take on all terrain with ease. I find myself varying my skating a lot these days and thus the Keystone really works to suite these multiple riding styles while still catering to my hands-down tendencies."

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