DB Longboards: Freeride DTX

Team rider Nick DiVona took out the new Freeride DTX 38" longboard for a test drive in Tacoma, Washington last week. This drop-through longboard is ideal for freeriding as well as downhill and long distance pushing. 

Freeride DTX 38

An upgraded version of the ever-popular Freeride DT, the DTX takes the best elements of the original and goes one step further. Still sporting its signature double drop design and comfortable foot pockets for big slides, this version of the Freeride incorporates fiberglass construction in addition to hard rock maple. The extra stiffness means this deck extremely responsive and makes it a solid choice for fast freeride or downhill sessions. If you’re looking to step up your riding game the Freeride DTX is here to help.

Deck Dimensions

DB Longboards Freeride DTX 38 Specifications

The Freeride DTX has a long standing platform, drop through mounting, and two wheel base options.

Platform Specs

DB LOngboards Freeride DTX 38 Profile

The Freeride DTX features a dropped platform with symetrical pockets. 

Concave Design

DB Longboards Freeride DTX Concave

Eliptical W Concave fills the arch while providing radial concave to keep you locked. 


DB Longboards Freeride DTX Construction

Hand Crafted in the USA

The Freeride DTX is constructed of a three ply poplar core. The core is surrounded by fiberglass to make a light weight, stiff, long lasting deck. The bottom of the Freeride DTX features a high density plastic base with sublimated graphic. The slick base makes for a great sliding surface and a scratch free material for the boards artwork.

We also offer the Freeride DTX longboard in a 41" version and our original Freeride DT 38" and 41". 

Freeride DTX 41

Freeride DT 38

Freeride DT 41

And don't forget you can customize all four of these longboards using our board builder

Another one of a kind longboard headed to a happy customer. Checkout this custom Freeride 38" DT. 

You can customize this longboard and nearly every other board on our site using our customizer. See you out on the hill!


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