DB Longboards Cruising Seattle

Spring is in full effect in the Pacific Northwest and a few of our staff members have been hitting the streets on our cruiser / carver longboards. A few of the boards that we have been riding as of late are the Dyad V2, Urban Native, Cabrakan, PioneerCascade, Anthem and Party Wave

There are plenty of places all over Seattle to cruise and carve on your longboard and these are just a few of the spots we hit up. Some of these photos were captured at Alki Beach, Seward Park, Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill and Burke Gilman Trail all great places to go cruise around in the Seattle area. The Burke Gilman trail is great for a long distance push and Seward Park is great because it features a loop around Lake Washington along the water. Anyways, checkout some of the photos we captured along the way and make sure to snag a new longboard for your next session with your friends.

Gere are a few angles of some our or new cruiser / carver longboards below you. If you need more help trying to figure out what type of longboard is right for you checkout our Longboard Buyers Guide

Cabrakan 40"

Cascade 40"

Dyad V2 40"

And big thanks to Matt McDonald / EqualMotion.com for all of the photos!

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