DB Longboards Cruiser Series: The Pioneer

We took our Pioneer cruiser longboard out for a test drive while exploring Highway 1 in California and had a damn good time discovering some new places to push while enjoying the California costal scenery. 

Artfully crafted for those who live to explore and skate new epic spots, the Pioneer will get you where you need to go. This deck features a bamboo-fiberglass layup that provides a perfect flex for comfortable pushing and snappy, responsive carving. It’s bi-directional shape means you can push any way you want with no restrictions while the drop-through truck mounts keep you low to the earth and stable over any terrain. Itching for an adventure? Blaze your own trail with the Pioneer!

The Pioneer 38 and 40

Meet the Pioneer: 

The Pioneer is available in both a 38" version and a 40" version.


Pioneer 38"




Pioneer 40"


Pioneer 38" Deck Dimensions

Pioneer 38 Deck Specs

38" length and 9.0" width makes for a bi-directional ride with good stability and easy pushing. The drop though mounting lowers the board and reduces lean making this a great board for carving a bit faster or pushing longer distances.


Platform Specs

Pioneer 38 Profile

Continuous camber across the deck creates for springy and responsive turning. 


Concave Design


Pioneer Concave

Mellow continuous concave throughout the deck gives you the perfect balance of flex and grip. Enough concave to make your turns comfortable but not so much that it deadens the board.




Constructed of bamboo and fiberglass this board has long lasting springy flex. We start with a vertically laminated core (same technology as your snowboard) and wrap it in fiberglass. From there we surround the fiberglass with additional bamboo veneer.  


Hand Crafted in the USA

This board is made with pride in our factory just south of Seattle, WA.


Components that come with our complete setup

Trucks - Atlas 48* RKP Black

Wheels - Cloudride Cruiser 69mm 79a

Bearings - Cloudride Abec 7

Bearing Spacers - Cloud Ride

Grip Tape - EZ Grip Fine

Hardware - Black 1.25 Phillips

We took the Pioneer 38" out for a cruise at different destinations along Highway 1 in California. We stopped in Big Sur and by the Bixby Bridge and longboarded up and down the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, which is great for long pushes on a longboard.

Much of the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is located where the tracks of the Southern Pacific Railroad once ran. The Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District saw the potential of this abandoned railway right away and, with financial assistance from the Coastal Conservancy and aid from the cities of Pacific Grove, Monterey and Seaside, began transforming it into the much-loved Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail in 1986. The trail provides a perfect path to longboard on while also being able to take in the scenery along the Pacific Ocean. The waterfront Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail stretches 29 miles, from Castroville in the north to Pacific Grove in the south.

We hoped you enjoyed the post and make sure to checkout the Pioneer 38" and the Pioneer 40"

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