DB Longboards: The Contra

The Contra

"Contra" is the root of opposition and contrast. A literal dichotomy of ideas. Our Contra Deck is a comfy blend of Tub and W concave, creating a versatile standing platform that is great for DH and Freeride. This longboard is available in a 35.5" version and a 38.5" version.

The Contra 35.5"

DB Longboards Contra 35.5 Deck Specifications

Contra 35.5" Longboard
Length: 35.5"
Width: 9.5"
Wheelbase: 27",28"
Standing Platform: 21.5"
Drop: 1.125", Concave: .5"
Concave Design: Progressive tub with "W"
Construction: 8 ply maple


DB Longboards Contra 38.5 Deck Specifications

Contra 38.5" Longboard
Length: 38.5"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 30",31"
Standing Platform: 24.5"
Drop: 1.125", Concave: 5/8"
Concave Design: Progressive tub with "W"
Construction: 9 ply maple
Weight: 10lbs

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