DB Longboards Adventures: Aidan skates Seattle and Portland

DB Longboards team rider Aidan Gilbert from Kimberley, British Columbia made the trip to down south to Seattle, Tacoma and Portland to longboard with Nick DiVona and Emmet White to sesh on the Keystone 37". Here's some photos and words from Aiden's adventure. 

Like most downhill skaters, I’ve always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest due to its highly regarded skate terrain. Ever since I was added to the Origin team about 10 months ago, my desire to check out the area increased significantly. So without too much thought I took a week off work, packed up my car, and embarked on the 800 km (500 mile) drive to Seattle. Considering there is only one traffic light in Kimberley, I am definitely not used to city roads and traffic; however, after some difficulties, I managed to find Nick DiVona’s house in Tacoma. Nick was kind enough to let me stay at his place and was a very effective tour guide as well.

Keystone 37"


The first day I was there, we stopped by the DB headquarters. It was super rad seeing what goes on behind the scenes and to meet everyone who puts their hard work in daily to make the brands what they are. The stoke factors were high (for me at least, it felt like I was dragging Nick out of the house haha), so we set out on a full day of skating. Nick took me to a super hairy path, a fun little skate park, and an unreal freeride hill to round off the day. Also Nick’s girlfriend Gabby was with us all day taking some rad photos. After day one, my expectations for what the Area had to offer skate-wise had been undoubtedly exceeded.

The following day Nick and I braved the painful i5 traffic and drove up to Capitol Hill in Seattle to meet with Matt McDonald the DB Longboards media guy. We started off the day by relaxing on the roof of Matt’s apartment and watching the Blue Angels fly over Seattle.

Matt then loaded up his camera gear and took us to his sick local spot where he managed to get some quality shots of Nick and me despite the spotty lighting. We finished the day off by devouring some burgers then checking out a picturesque view point over Seattle. The American Dream was truly acquired that day.

Being the typical British Columbia mountain town resident that I am, I was planning on stopping at Mt. Hood to ski on the way home but unfortunately it closed due to a lack of snow. That was a blessing in disguise though because it encouraged me to spontaneously visit Portland; a city I had previously never been to. I met up with Emmet White who kindly opened up his house to me and showed me around the city. We met up with Martin DePass and had one of the best skate days I’ve ever had. I experienced Zoo Bomb, Switchbacks, and numerous downhill and freeride runs. Some being the sickest runs I’ve ever skated. Portland is a city I will certainly return to.

I said my goodbyes and proceeded to drive to Hood River. The skate park there was calling to me, so I stopped for an evening session then slept in my car for the night on the side of the highway. Is it even a skate trip if you don’t sleep in your car for at least one night? I stopped and hiked Maryhill once in some intense heat to compliment this memorable trip. There was also a massive tail wind so it was most definitely worth it. 2080 km (1300 miles) later I was home. This road trip was a major highlight of my summer and I will surely go on a similar trip in the future. A very appreciative thanks goes out to Nick and Emmet for giving me a place to stay and showing me around, to Matt for making Nick and I look good and for killing it behind the lens, and to DB, Cloud Ride, and Atlas Trucks for the immense support. Finally, thanks ‘Murica for letting me absorb some authentic freedom.

- Aidan Gilbert


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