Daddies Keystone longboard demo was a success!

Last Saturday at Switchbacks in Portland was rad! Thanks again to Daddies Board Shop for making it happen and Cloud Ride Wheels and Atlas Trucks for coming and donating some free stuff also. A big thanks to Eric Hoang from Daddies who was a huge help keeping the event fun and organized.

Before we get to the photos the Keystone is now officially available at Daddies Board Shop!


More about Daddies Board Shop:

Daddies Board Shop is one of the premiere longboard stores in the United States. Headquartered in Portland, OR they operate a retail store and online shop with a huge selection and crazy good customer service.

Address: 5909 NE 80th Ave, Portland, OR 97218

Customer Service Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST


Monday-Friday 11am-8pm PST

Saturday 11am-7pm PST

Sunday 11am-6pm PST

More information at:

Watch the edit from the demo!

DB Longboards team riders Spencer Smith and Emmet White.

A crew of our staff and team riders drove down from British Columbia and Seattle like Spencer Smith and Cam Frazier and local team rider Emmet White came through the skate also. Seattle shredder and Atlas Trucks from Seattle Jackson Wells also made the ride and local Atlas rider Dan Thatcher swung through for some runs. Eric Hoang was there representing for Daddies Board shop and there were a fair amount of local groms, Sam Ettorre from New York City and longboarding travelers from abroad. It was a rad group of skaters!

DB Longboards rider Cam Frazier enjoying a cold one mid slide.

From the beginning of the event we were hoping someone would bring Cam some Voodoo donuts and Ali Johnson of the Maryhill Ratz came through for the winner with some pure deliciousness.

Sweet, sweet donuts nectar of life.

We also held two small races to give away some free stuff like the new Cloud Ride Wheels Storm Chasers race wheels and the a new Keystone deck to the winners.

Fun with prizes!

Here's some more photos our media guru Matt McDonald captured from the longboard demo.

Atlas Trucks team rider Jackson Wells having some fun.

DB Longboards CEO Richard Docter enjoying the Keystone 37".

Emmet White took 1st place in the youth division at the Switchbacks the following day.

The homie from Daddies Board Shop Eric Hoang.

Thanks again to everyone who came out for the official Keystone release demo and for Daddies Board Shop for helping us put on a fun event.

That being said checkout sone Keystone specs below and make sure to bounce on over to Daddies website to snag your everyone Keystone longboard!

Keystone 37" Longboard Specs

The deck itself is a rockered single kick with micro drops. The radial drops provide perfect stops for your feet while the radial concave and rocker keep you locked in. A fully fuctional tail makes ollies, 180's, and other tricks possible while the carbon stringers deliver surprising pop. From downhill to campus cruising we've found the Keystone delivers in both performance and utility and will quickly become your skate everything setup. 

Garrett Creamer on the Keystone in Colorado.

Garrett Creamer and Sean Woolery on the Keystone in Santa Barbara.

Garrett Creamer drew the first concept of a the Keystone longboard on the back of his history final in May 2014. From there the first prototype was created and Garrett along with our design guru Tim Mackey at DB Longboards have been reworking the prototypes for months now. We are finally ready to show you the specs and some more detailed photos of our soon to be released Keystone longboard. 

The Keystone is a true quiver killer. It is a progressive downhill and freeride longboard that will take your riding to the next level. Constructed with a poplar core, triaxial fiberglass reinforcement and carbon fiber stringers, this board is speed stiff while remaining lightweight and nimble. Custom poured urethane is sandwiched into the layup of the board at the tip and tail to provide unparalleled shock absorption, protecting the core in cases of hard impact and preventing potential delamination.  The graphic is fully sublimated and infused directly into the thermoplastic base for vibrant long lasting graphics.

"The main features to look at on this deck are the kicktail, the urethane impregnated nose and tail, and the W shaped drops that lock you in," Garrett said. "The kicktail just makes the keystone that much more versatile, whether your snapping your board up at the end of your run or kicking through campus it's great to have. The urethane nose and tail are nearly impossible to break, I have done extensive testing (READ: throwing it off of two-story decks or pile-driving it into the pavement). The drops combined with an extremely comfortable concave allow you to stay extremely locked in no matter the situation. It's a feather-light do everything deck, and the most durable in its class."

Nick DiVona freeriding on the Keystone 37" out near Mount Rainier.

The shape and design of the Keystone was expertly engineered and refined in every way by our in-house engineer Tim Mackey alongside Garrett. Flat mounting options quickly transition into a unique micro gull drop that provides additional stability while also creating functional foot pockets to keep you comfortable and locked in on big slides. The effective standing platform has mild rocker throughout, adding subtle security to your stance. The design also prevents wheelbite without sacrificing structural integrity by incorporating composite reinforced machined wheel wells.

Cam with the 5-0 on the Keystone 37" in Vancouver. 

The Keystone is available in two variations to accommodate a broad range of riders: a 37” directional single kick and a 39” directional single kick. The functionality of the Keystone's tail adds another dimension to the board and makes it capable of extreme skateability in any situation. The keystone's versatility and durability make it the perfect default board for any situation. 

Spencer Smith with the toeside check on the Keystone 37" in Seattle

Sean Woolery and Garrett Creamer enjoying a Southern California classic on the Keystone.

Cam Frazier with the steezy blunt on the Keystone 37"

Richard with the ollie in Northern California on the Keystone 37"

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